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欧洲夏令时即将于10月28日(周日)结束, TemplerFX富拓交易安排也将有所变化。

请参考下表了解2018年10月28日 2018年11月2日受到影响的金融品种:

现货商品 (布伦特)周一02:00周五22:4522:45-00:00

*所有时间均为欧洲东部时间(EET) - MT服务器时间

请注意在市场流动性下降情况下,TemplerFX富拓可将低流动性金融品种的交易切换为"只允许平仓" 模式或关闭某一品种的全部交易。



TemplerFX adds Dusupay to its Payment Range

TempelrFX is delighted to announce an expansion of our payment methods. Clients can now use the facilities of Dusupay to fund their accounts.

These latest payment additions will ensure that clients, both existing and new, have as wide a spectrum of payment options as possible. Moreover, as a consequence of these improved payment options, TemplerFX can extend its operational and geographical reach to more clients in Africa.

Dusupay is a secure online payment method designed and customised to suit, serve and support online shoppers across African continent. Users can make paymnets without actually registering with Dusupay. Dusupay provides a variety of options for the buyer to make a payment:

Uganda MTN Mobile Money and Airtel Mobile Money
Ghana Mobile Money and local card
MTN Cameroon Mobile Money
Rwanda MTN Mobile Money
Nigeria Visa/MasterCard and Verve cards
Nigeria BVN Bank Accounts
Banking South Africa(ZAR)

Transactions are conducted in local currencies. At TemplerFX we're always striving to deliver improvements in all aspects of our client focused business. As such we continually monitor the finance industry for new account payment methods, to enable our clients to easily fund their accounts, or to open new accounts, in order to trade FX through our cutting edge MetaTrader platforms.

Important margin and leverage update

At TemplerFX, we're always working hard to improve the trading experience for our clients.

This is why we are very excited to announce our new maximum leverage level taking effect at the open of FX markets on Monday 06/08/2018. Our new maximum leverage of 1:2000 will be available for all FX pairs and all account types. Moreover, we've also increased Cryptos maximum leverage from 1:3 to 1:10.

For a safer and responsible leverage use our new margin requirements for new transactions are calculated based on a maximum leverage of 1:200 during the publication of high-level economic news.

Please find out more at

Maintenance notification

Dear Clients!

We inform you that in order to improve the quality of our service, Members Area , main site and MT4 servers will be under maintenance on July 15th from 00:00 to 04:00 AM MT4 time.

In this regard, Members Area will not be available for views and transactions.

Please consider this information when planning your deposit /withdrawal operations.

交易时间表变化 (复活节)



交易时间表,关于金属(XAUUSD和 XAGUSD)、指数差价合约(#US30, #USSPX500,#UK100 ,#AUS200)以及石油的差价合约(WTI和 Brent)

2018 年 3 月 30 日 —— 停止交易。
2018 年 4 月 2 日——交易照常。


* ——此时间表仅供参考,可能发生变动。