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FX Trading & CFD trading involve a high level of risks, including capital invested

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Loyalty Program

As a result of our ongoing efforts to increase client satisfaction, Templer FX is happy to inform that with every subsequent deposit made (any deposit after your initial deposit) we will be crediting our clients with a 1% Loyalty Bonus for each trading year with us! That is up to 10% (11.5% for Bank transfers) Bonus on every single deposit.

The Loyalty Bonus is intended for trading purposes and will enable clients to support their positions for a longer period as well as give clients the option to trade a larger volume. For a full list of the terms and conditions of this bonus please click here.

As we at Templer FX recognize that the key to success lies within the ongoing satisfaction of our existing clientele, we are constantly thinking of ways to better satisfy our loyal existing clients. We aim to build a long lasting relation with our clients and as such recognize the importance of keeping our existing clients satisfied as well as our new clients.