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FX Trading & CFD trading involve a high level of risks, including capital invested

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Trading hours schedule for the US Independence Day on 4 July 2022

Dear Client, We would like to inform you that in observance of the upcoming US Independence Day on 4 July 2022, there will be temporary changes to our trading schedule.

Check out the table below for the schedule of all the instruments that are subject to changes. If your instrument is not mentioned, that means normal trading will resume for it.

XAGUSD01.00 - 21.30
XAUUSD01.00 - 21.30
GER3001.00 - 23.00
JPN22501.00 - 20.00
NAS10001.00 - 20.00
SPX50001.00 - 20.00
UK10001.00 - 23.00