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FX Trading & CFD trading involve a high level of risks, including capital invested

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Templer's 2014/2015 Christmas and New Year Bonus Campaign

All current and new Templer clients are eligible to take part in Templer's 2014/2015 Christmas/New Year Bonus Campaign. Qualifying clients earn a 10% bonus credit on all deposits between December 22nd 2014 and January 23rd 2015 up to a cumulative bonus amount of $2500 per account. Get an extra +5% (+15%in total) Bonus for bank wires and payments via self-service terminals/payment terminals , 2.5%( 12.5% in total) for PayAnyWay™ transfers and +2%( 12% in total) for payments via "Contact" !

New currency pairs

EUR/TRY and USD/TRY are offered for trading now.

"Contact" withdrawals update(2)

"Contact" withdrawal service is now up and running.

"Contact" withdrawals update

Templer FX temporarily stops processing withdrawals via "Contact" system for technical reasons. Our team is striving to get the service up and running in the nearest time. Our apologies for the inconvenience.

Weeks of cash transfers with Templer FX.

Get your 15% "Cash Bonus" for all deposits (in-out difference) made using pay-point (self-service terminals, SSTs) terminals and "Contact" transfer system between 05th of Novermber and 21st of November, 2014.

Special terms and conditions are applied: Minimum volume : Bonus/ 5. Let's take your "Cash Bonus" is $100. To withdraw such bonus, you will need to trade 100/5 = 20 standard lots(Forex only) within 4 months since the date the Bonus was credited to your account.