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FX Trading & CFD trading involve a high level of risks, including capital invested

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Latest Press Release


TemplerFX is excited to announce the latest updates to Binary Options MT4 solution. What's new:

-new pending type of execution for BO contracts ;

-new dealing window with open positions list, daily account history and entry point visualization.


New WebTrader is finally here

We are happy to announce that we’ve launched a new WebTrader version.

This is a major release with many improvements and exciting new features.

What’s new in the WebTrader?

1.Multi charts: up to 4 charts in one window
2.New indicators and multiple indicators on one chart
3.Zoom in, zoom out options
4.One click chart trading

New payment system - Fasapay

Dear Traders,

We are glad to provide you Fasapay as a new instrument for deposits and withdrawals.

To make the news even better TemplerFX decided to give you a special offer with the start of this payment system. We will credit +10% Bonus for all Fasapay deposits till 07/03/2016.

New symbols for MuslimFX account type users

Dear Customer,
In our continued efforts to improve our service to you ,TemplerFX would like to take this opportunity to provide you with important information regarding the widening of currency pairs list available for MuslimFX accounts trading. The new instruments list contains 31 currency pairs in comparison with 12 available before.

To see all the symbols on MT4, locate the MarketWatch Window.

1.Right click within the window.
2.Select "Show All"

The other major improvement relates to symbol codes: "-M" postfix will be removed , new MuslimFX currency pairs have no "-M" postfix. All old symbols ( with "-M" postfix, i.e. EURUSD-M, GBPUSD-M, etc) will be traded in "close only" mode from 08/02/2016 and will be removed from Market Watch as soon as all positions are closed.

For any questions, please contact our Customer Support Team:

TEL: +44 20 33557076

FAX: +44 02 071128046

SMS: +44 750 7333565

Templer Tech. Support Team


Dear Customer,

TemplerFX is proud to announce our new webinar series, “Introduction to the Forex Market,” available to all live account holders. This four part webinar series is free for all funded live account holders, and will cover all the information required to begin your trading career. This webinar series is perfect for traders just starting out, and will give you all the pro tools and tips needed to trade with confidence on the world’s largest markets.

We will begin with an overview of the forex market, how to use our trading platform, and the basics of different trading strategies and account management tips. Our team will go over how to use the Templer FX MT4 trading platform, covering the basics of opening and closing trades, as well as more advanced topics such as loading EAs and proprietary signals onto your platform.

Our webinar will cover basic charting techniques, an overview of some of the most popular trading strategies used today, as well as an overview of the most common indicators.

The Webinar will be hosted by Samuel Njunge, a local trader with years of experience at the FX Market, and will also feature Eric Graham, Templer FX’s head of markets based in our London office.

Scheduled date and time: 9th,10th,11th and 12th of February, 2016, 17:00 London time/ 20:00 Nairobi time How to enroll ?

1. Register at and pass verification. If you've already registered at our Members Area please ignore this step

2.Open a live account and fund it for at least 25$. If you've already have got a funded account please ignore the step.

3. Email your login to , subject: Webinar

For more information please reach out to your representative at TemplerFX.