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Our New Market Leading Spreads

At TemplerFX, we are always working hard to improve the trading experience for our clients. This is why we are very excited to announce our market leading spreads taking effect at the open of FX markets on Monday 04/12/2017.

We've started offering tight spreads with no commission across all of our FX pairs ( not only majors as it was before). For example, the spread on EUR/GBP will be fixed at 1.1 pips* ( except for periods of low liquidity around data releases and holidays.)
Our competitors advertise tight spreads but hide the commission they charge you on top. The total cost actually averages 0.6-2 pips on the EUR/USD at competing brokers. We offer EUR/USD 0.5 pips fixed.
We believe in transparency. At TemplerFX there are no hidden costs. No commission. Just low and fixed spreads.