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New symbols for MuslimFX account type users

Dear Customer,
In our continued efforts to improve our service to you ,TemplerFX would like to take this opportunity to provide you with important information regarding the widening of currency pairs list available for MuslimFX accounts trading. The new instruments list contains 31 currency pairs in comparison with 12 available before.

To see all the symbols on MT4, locate the MarketWatch Window.

1.Right click within the window.
2.Select "Show All"

The other major improvement relates to symbol codes: "-M" postfix will be removed , new MuslimFX currency pairs have no "-M" postfix. All old symbols ( with "-M" postfix, i.e. EURUSD-M, GBPUSD-M, etc) will be traded in "close only" mode from 08/02/2016 and will be removed from Market Watch as soon as all positions are closed.

For any questions, please contact our Customer Support Team:

TEL: +44 20 33557076

FAX: +44 02 071128046

SMS: +44 750 7333565

Templer Tech. Support Team