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New commodity symbols names , new Binary Options symbols

Dear Customer,

Since August 29, 2016, the names of the following instruments has been changed:
XAUUSD has been changed to GOLD
XAGUSD has been changed to SILVER
_BRN has been changed to BRENT
_WTI has been changed to WTI
XAUUSDbo has been changed to GOLDbo
XAGUSDbo has been changed to SILVERbo
Specifications of the contracts remain the same. Symbols with old
names are functioning in "CLOSE ONLY" mode.

Besides ,we've added 7 more commodity,indices and shares CFD binary options symbols for more diversity and more profitable trading. By adding those 7 symbols we've expanded the list to 35 symbols. We're eager to expand the list further for better servicing of your needs.
Please find the added symbols below:
BRENTbo ( BRENT Oil Spot )
#UK100bo ( FTSE 100 index)
#USSPX500bo ( S&P500 Index)
#Japan225 ( NIkkei 225 Index)
#Applebo ( Apple, Inc CFD)
#Googlebo ( Google, Inc. CFD)
#Facebookbo ( Facebook, Inc. CFD)