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Archive 2015


Dear Clients,

Please note that there will be changes in our trading schedule during the holiday season:



Trading Schedule

24.12.2015 (Thursday)

Early close at 19:00 (EET)*

25.12.2015 (Friday)

Trading closed


28.12.2015 (Monday)

Regular trading schedule

31.12.2015 (Thursday)

Early close at 19:00 (EET)

01.01.2016 (Friday)

Trading closed

04.01.2016 (Monday)

Regular trading schedule


*EET (Central European Time) is equal to GMT+2.

The above schedule may be subject to change.

Please note that during the period from 24/12/2015 to 04/01/2016 trading conditions and margin requirements are subject to change. Furthermore, there may be periods of decreased liquidity in the market for certain trading instruments during these dates. TemplerFX  reserves the right to switch instruments traded with low liquidity into "Close only" mode or to temporarily freeze trading on these instruments without prior notice if necessary.

We ask our clients to be cautious when making trades or placing orders at the period mentioned above.

For any questions, please contact our Customer Support Team:

TEL: +44 20 33557076

FAX: +44 02 071128046

SMS: +44 750 7333565

Templer Tech. Support Team


All current and new TemplerFX clients are eligible to take part in TemplerFX's 2015/2016 Christmas Bonus Campaign.

Qualifying clients earn a 10% bonus credit on all deposits between December 14th 2015 and January 15th 2016 up to a cumulative bonus amount of $15'000 per account( $30'000 per customer).

Get an extra +5% (+15% in total) Bonus for bank wires , +3%( +13% in total) for WalletOne™ transfers and +2%( +12% in total) for Payment via PayAnyWay™!

Updated terms and conditions of Bonus +10%

Minimum stop and limit distances changed 10 times from 5 to 0.5 points.

IMPORTANT "Fast market" policy update is valid from 17/11/2015

CHF Currency Pairs are Traded in "Full Trade" Mode

Dear Clients,

Starting October 16, 2015 the following curency pairs will be traded in "full trade" mode:


For more detailed information contact our Customer Service team by phone +44 20 33557076 from 9:00 EET to 22:00 EET, Monday – Friday.

Best Regards,
Templer Tech.Support Team


All current and new TemplerFX clients are eligible to take part in Templer's 2015 Autumn Bonus Campaign.

Qualifying clients earn a 10% bonus credit on all deposits between October 5th 2015 and October 30th 2015 up to a cumulative bonus amount of $15'000 per account( $30'000 per customer).

Get an extra +5% (+15% in total) Bonus for bank wires , +3%( +13% in total) for WalletOne™ transfers and +2%( 12% in total) for Payment via PayAnyWay™!

Updated terms and conditions of Bonus +10%

New bonus coverage rules are effective 21st of September, 2015


Wallet One + Card= 10% Bonus

Dear Customer,

Thank you for choosing TemplerFX!

In our continued efforts to improve our service to you ,TemplerFX would like to take this opportunity to provide you with important information regarding the card depositing options.New USD acquiring ( depositing via bank card service) is introduced. For your further deposits please use Wallet One form. The advantages of Wallet One acquiring:

- direct USD transfer ,no exchange fees
- totally FREE transfer
- instant depositing
- both 3D secured and no 3D secured cards are applicable
-and finally earn a +10% Bonus on all Wallet One card transfers made by 18th of September, 2015.

New Member's area : better, faster, safer

Dear Clients!

TemplerFX Company is glad to present you new member's area, which is designed to present full information properly and make it acceptable for user. Here you can easily interact with the company and your trade account due to wide spectrum of available functions; user friendly and intuitively understandable interface helps making your search easier and work process becomes comfortable.

New member's area is designed according to the wishes, comments and suggestions expressed by our company's clients, it is really easy and comfortable to use our new member's area as it has wide range of different functions which make information search and presentation much easier.

Main functions and characteristics of the member's area:

1. Our security system is improved, your personal information privacy is guaranteed.

We provide multilevel protection of any information sent including documentation and passwords and your personal settings.

2.Automated processing of withdrawals and deposits due to a new system .Any operations regarding incoming and outgoing funds, as well as further crediting trading terminal balance became more comfortable and visible.

3.Our demo account registration made in two clicks will help you to save your time and to improve your skills of terminal usage. Simple and fast demo account opening is a good imitation of real market conditions.

4.As we are widening trading account work potential, some new payment systems were added, including local payment systems.

5.TicketSupport updated version has advanced facilities to create and manage tickets, which helps the company to provide faster and effective service to its customers.

6.Opportunity to create and integrate unlimited number of accounts of different types

7.Automated generation and download options of invoices and agreements

Our new member's area is a composition of work experience of our customers and modern technologies.

You may access member's area from the main page of TemplerFX website.

If you have an account with TemplerFX , please, log in to Member’s Area by entering login and password of any live account of yours. Unlock all features by passing verification process.

For requests and questions please use online chat support and email:

New binary options symbols

Dear Trader,

We've added 16 more FX binary options symbols for more diversity and more profitable trading. By adding those 16 symbols we've expanded the list to 28 symbols. We're eager to expand the list further for better servicing of your needs. Please find the added symbols below:


FX Lite for MT4 version 4.26

Binary Options trading continues to gain momentum among traders all over the world as one of the fasted growing investment products. The recent announcement by the UK government that binary options are set to be regulated as a financial trading product by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) further adds to the credibility of binary options for brokers and clients alike.

TemplerFX is excited to announce the latest updates to Binary Options MT4 solution. What's new:

-user friendly interface now includes tick chart in trading window;

-customers can trade new types of binary options such as Even/Odd and Big/Small.

Changes in MT4 server timezone

Dear Trader,

On Sunday the 26th of July 2015, the TemplerFX MT4 Server time will change to EET ( Eastern European Time) / (GMT+2 – winter; GMT+3 – summer)

TemplerFX bases MT4 Server time on “5pm New York”, the internationally recognised end-of-day in the forex markets.

How does this affect me?

The only noticeable change that you will experience is that the Market Watch time in MT4 will now be set at GMT+2. This might not affect your trading at all – however, depending on your timezone, this may cause the market to open one hour earlier on Monday. The MT4 server time will still open at 0:00 on the charts, this may just be an hour earlier for your time-zone.

GMT Offset

If you are using an EA with a GMT offset time, then you must change the GMT offset to +2 just prior to the 26th of July.

If you have any questions or need assistance we are here to help you.

Templer Tech.Support Team

PesaPal: A New Way to Make Fund Deposits and Withdrawals with TemplerFX

Dear Clients,

We're glad to announce yet another option for our clients to make account withdrawals and deposits. PesaPal is an electronic payment system which allows you to transfer money instantaneously over the internet.

You can deposit to your PesaPal "electronic purse" through a wire transfer or a credit/debit card . Withdrawals can be made by a transfer to a PesaPal e-wallet.

PesaPal has already become popular in Eastern Africa region, including in Kenya, Tanzania,Uganda, Zambia and Malawi. We hope that PesaPal will make life easier for our clients in this region as well.


All current and new TemplerFX clients are eligible to take part in Templer's 2015 Summer Bonus Campaign.

Qualifying clients earn a 10% bonus credit on all deposits between July 6th 2015 and July 31st 2015 up to a cumulative bonus amount of $15'000 per account( $30'000 per customer).

Get an extra +5% (+15%in total) Bonus for bank wires , 2.5%( 12.5% in total) for PayAnyWay™ transfers and +2%( 12% in total) for Payment via SST/payment terminals!

Terms and conditions of Bonus +10%





请您及时调整头寸及重新设置各类插件 。

如果您有任何问题,请致电我们的客服人员 +44 20 33557076,星期一至星期五,9:00至22:00(EET)。您也可以给我们发电邮寻求援助

TemplerFX plugin in Google Chrome Store

TemplerFX is happy to introduce new trading feature: Google Chrome plugin that allows you to trade Forex, CFD, Commodities and Binary options directly from your browser and plugin

最大奖励数额已经增加到30,000 USD


我们高兴地通知您,从2015年5月14日开始, 我们增加了每个客户单个账户的存款奖励可容许的最大数额, 以及相同客户拥有的所有账户的奖励数额. 新的限制比以前的大了10倍.

单个账户的奖励最大数额: 15,000 USD

相同客户拥有的所有账户奖励最大数额: 30,000 USD


Dear customer, Templer FX is thoroughly selecting liquidity and data providers in order to offer the best quotes and execution. Though despite filtration glitch quotes are still part of our business. Please note that one of our providers has let several glitch quotes infiltration for _BRN ( BRENT Oil) symbol. We've already turned this data source off. All TP, SL, SELL STOP, BUY STOP, BUL LIMIT, SELL LIMIT and any market orders affected by nonmarket prices are to be cancelled/edited with reference to real market quotes within next 24 hours. Our apologies for the inconvenience.

UniversalFX - new type of accounts

TemplerFX is proud to introduce new type of accounts: UniversalFX. The accounts allow our customers to trade Forex, CFD, Commodities market from one account with all advantages of micro and standard lots, leverage up to 1:1000 and interbank narrow spreads and execution.

Leverage 1:1000

TemplerFX informs its clients about changes in trading conditions according to the new marketing campaign of the Company.

Since 5th of June ,2015 for all types of accounts withcurrent balance less then 1000 USD/EUR (or equivalent to this sum) the 1:1000 leverage will be available.

Increasing of the leverage offers our clients to trade with less margin, and can help to realize more complicated trading strategies.

If you want to change your leverage for higher one or if you have any questions regarding the latest changes, please, contact Support Team(



我们很高兴地通知您,我们已经对客户选用免息穆斯林账户 (MuslimForex accounts) 进行交易的条件作出改善。从 5 月 11 日开始,使用穆斯林账户进行交易将不会被征收任何佣金收费 (commission charge)。


2015年度 TEMPLER 春季奖金活动

在 2015 年 3 月 30 日和 2015 年 4 月 24 日之间,符合资格的客户的所有存款可以获得 10% 存款奖金,每个账户可以获得高达 $2500 的累积奖金数额。

银行电汇存款可以获得额外的 +5% (总共 +15%),PayAnyWayTM 转账存款可以获得额外的 +2.5%(总共 +12.5%),支付终端 (Wallet OneTM) 存款可以获得额外的 +2% (总共 +12%)!

+10% 奖金的条款和条件


尊敬的客户,Templer FX 最近改变了执行方式成为“市场执行” (market execution) ,缩小了点差并已编辑了我们的“快市政策”。点击浏览最新版本:。还请浏览更新的相关交易条款: 从 2015 年 3 月 4 日 12:00 CET 开始,新政策以及新交易条款开始生效。



从 2015 年 3 月 23 日 开始,Templer FX 的一些交易条款会有一些改进:

微型,迷你和标准账户更小点差(从 0.1 点差开始) 更快地执行市场订单:无重新报价,保证处理 从 2015 年 3 月 30 日开始,二元期权会有更高机会的取胜付款




我们想提醒您,从 2015 年 3 月 8 日起,美国正在转向夏令时间。欧洲国家将在 3 周后(2015年 3 月 29 日)转到夏时制。

交易时间表将受到影响如下:外汇,商品,二元期权工具在周五 22:00 CET 提前 1 小时关闭。CFD 交易品种会在 15:30 CET 开市和在 20:45 CET 闭市。此时间表可能会受到进一步修改。

5 小数点的外汇


Templer FX 不断改善服务和素质,在这方面我们要介绍一个新的报价格式,也就是 5 小数点的所有外汇报价。


从 2015 年 3 月 9 日开始,您就可以在所有账户中使用 5 小数点的报价格式来测试您的交易策略。



1. 请注意实施新报价会影响到您的专业顾问。为了确保您的专家顾问 (EA) 能够附和这个变化,您必需调整您的挂单设定,<<买入止损>>,<<卖出止损>>,<<买入限价>>,<<卖出限价>>和<<止损>>和<<止盈>>设定以及您目前水平的任何其他相关点值参数乘以 10 。

例如,如果您的每个订单目前正在使用 40 点差的止损水平和 80 点差的止盈水平,从而使得您的 EA 能够附和新的报价格式,您必需分别改变您的止盈水平至 800 和止损水平至 400 。

2. 与 EA 类似的情况,一些指标可能会受到新报价格式的影响。为了确保您的特定指标能如您所愿的操作,我们建议您联系您的指标供应商以进行必要的调整。

3. 所有手动订单的设置水平:<<买入止损>>,<<卖出止损>>,<<买入限价>>,<<卖出限价>>,<<止损>>,<<止盈>>,以点 (points) 来表示的话,您应该乘以 10 。

例如:如果您想在 1.34500 打开一单空头头寸,而您想设定止盈于 1.34100,您应该输入 400 点作为止盈金额。

4. 请注意,在选择<<追踪止损>>价值时,所有列出的价值已经乘以 10 。

5. 所以,如果您想设定 40 点的 <<追踪止损>>,您应该选择 400 作为追踪止损的价值。

6. 在交易 (Trade) 选项卡的利润 (Profit) 排列中,以点 (Points) 为表示的所有盈利/亏损价值已经调整采用 个小数位。

7. 最大的误差特征能确保客户在指定的点数 (points/pips) 之内执行交易。为了适应新的报价格式,您必须对所需价值乘以 10 。

例如:如果您想确保在当前报价中获取 5 个点差,您必需输入 50 。


尊敬的客户,为了提供最好的报价和执行服务,Templer FX 仔细地选择流动资金及数据供应商。尽管如此,过滤干扰报价仍是我们业务的一部分。请注意,我们的供应商之一的 _EN (WTI Oil) 交易品种已经受到一些未过滤报价的干扰。我们已经关闭此数据源。受到非市场价格影响的所有止盈 (TP),止损 (SL),卖出止损 (SELL STOP),买入止损 (BUY STOP),买入限价 (BUY LIMIT),卖出限价 (SELL LIMIT) 以及任何市场订单会被取消 / 在未来的 24 小时之内参考实际市场报价来进行修改。我们对造成您不便之处表示歉意。

只对瑞士法郎 (CHF) 货币对关闭交易


从 2015 年 1 月 15 日开始,以下货币对将在“仅限关闭”模式下进行交易(您将无法打开任何新订单或者挂单):



欲了解更多详细信息,请电话联系我们的客户服务小组 +44 20 33557076 (周一至周五,从8:00 CET 至 21:00 CET )。

Templer 技术支持小组